W.I.P. Wednesdays: African Flower Shawl Project (031815)

WIP Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, I will feature a project that I am currently working on. It can be something related to sewing, drawing, or any craft that is currently in my Work in Progress stash. This week, I am featuring one of my ongoing projects – an African Flower Shawl.

A few weeks ago, I found this post from Gantsilyo Guru about an afghan bed throw she completed using African Flowers. It was beautiful. Glorious. And it looked like the perfect project that I can work on during my free time.

Photo from Gantsilyo Guru

I’ve been itching to do a big crochet project for a while now, but I lack the patience to work on a large piece in one go.  A project made with African Flowers – also called Paperweight Granny – seems to be a good choice for my first big piece since I’ll only need to crochet batches of African Flowers during my free time, then sew them together once I complete the required number of flowers needed to complete the project.

A bed throw is too big for my first big project, but a shawl made in the same method seemed to be the perfect size. A shawl is a perfect project too since my Grandma’s  birthday is coming up and I always give her something handmade. If I complete this project, I’d be hitting two birds with one stone – I’ll have my big crochet project and I’ll have a gift for my Grandma.


I chose this simple pattern from Craft Passion to make my flowers. At the moment, I’ve only done 36 pieces. If my computation is correct, I’ll need around 200 pieces to complete the shawl. I still have a few months to complete the shawl, so expect semi-regular updates on this project.

What are you working on today?


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