Throwback Thursdays: Chibi Plushies

Throwback Thursdays 031915

Throwback Thursdays features projects that I made in the past.

I love doing D.I.Y. gifts. A few years ago, I purchased two build your own bear kits from a local shop to make a matching bear set for me and my boyfriend. We still have those bears ’til now.

For our anniversary four years ago, I made him a pair of chibi (miniature) plushies of us using a pattern I drafted myself.


The plushies are made with fleece and are filled with synthetic fiberfill. They were sewn with a sewing machine, but I think they can easily be made by hand. I wasn’t really good with embroidery, so I used buttons for eyes. Their clothes were made using fabric from a dress I bought from a thrift shop.


Nudity Alert!


One of the best things I liked about this project was their interchangeable hair! I used to (mildly) change my haircut a lot, so I wanted to be able to change the hair of my chibi plushie anytime. Having interchangeable hair also means that the plushies can be easily customized.


Plushie buddies on our Tagaytay trip!


I believe I still have the pattern for this project somewhere in my files. It’s an easy to make project, perfect for a quick gift for a friend or a special someone.



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