Manika Manila: TWG Mini Meet

Spent my Saturday afternoon with Manika Manila friends at TWG Tea Salon & Boutique, Central Square, Fort Bonifacio.


Since it was a pretty tea place, Elie decided to wear her Alice costume.


With Nata, Little Rose and Dae.



All the doll attendees! Starr, Diva, Zita, *Nata, Elie, Dae (upper shelf), *Little Diva, Little Zita, Little Rose, Dia, Gir/Little Robin (lower shelf), Yayoi, Naya and Malena.

For once, we had an actual “mini” meet with only 5 human attendees. Manika Manila mini meets usually end up with around 10+ attendees, while other BJD communities abroad usually have around 3-5 attendees.


One of the main reasons why attended this meet was to deliver Little Robin (who we call Babbin) and his GIR kigurumi to his owner. GIR is a character from the show Invader Zim.

GIR is the last kigurumi on my latest commission list. I made it with fleece, hard felt, and cotton fabric for the lining. A lot of details had to be hand-stitched, including his huge eyes, ears, and the body “stitching”.

Better photo of the kigurumi taken by the owner (Arvie/4everinbluejeans on IG):

“I made it myself!” Yeah Babbin, sure.

I kinda miss Babbin already. He was fun to have around! But for now I will be bonding with Diva, who is staying over to help me make her corset. Looks like next week is going to be a busy one!



One thought on “Manika Manila: TWG Mini Meet

  1. Jan [shinkei] says:

    Awww~ I wish I made it to this meet. Everyone looked so pretty with all their “tea party get-ups”. XD

    And gaaahh, your kigurumis are so cute Madz! Awesome job! /patiently waits for next slot openings XD


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