Garden Flowers

My Grandma enjoys growing flowers for our garden. She also enjoys doing flower arrangements for the local church. Last Holy Week, aside from the mini garden she discovered, Elie also found some of Grandma’s flowers around the garden.


“Hello pretty orchid!”

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On Dear Resin and Doll Clothes


Two years ago, I started a Ball Jointed Doll (BJD) blog called Dear Resin. I blogged about my BJDs, doll-related sewing projects, Manika Manila doll meets, and photostories. Through the blog, I was able to produce my “brand” called Dear Resin, a clothes and accessories shop for BJDs. The Dear Resin blog lasted for around two years, until I was unable to maintain it due to work and “real life” taking over.

Dear Resin logo made by one of my friends.


While the blog didn’t last long, Dear Resin as a shop lived on through the Manika Manila forum. I have a shop there where I sell ready made clothes and accessories. I also accept BJD clothing commissions once in a while through the forum marketplace.

Since opening shop last month, I was able to complete a few kigurumi pieces, which I will show some time soon. I’m currently working on testing some new patterns for YoSD sized dolls.*

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